Deborah Giles
Co-Director & Instructor

Deborah is Co-Director of JCSL and serves on the Jesus Culture Board of Directors along with her husband, Daniel.

Deborah is an influential speaker, renowned for her prophetic ministry that has resonated with her generation since the age of 16. With an unwavering passion to see individuals fearlessly embrace their divine calling, Deborah is dedicated to breaking barriers of age, gender, and race, firmly believing that everyone has the capacity to hear God’s voice.

Deborah’s overarching mission is to empower individuals, facilitating their journey towards holistic healing, wholeness, and a transformative encounter with the presence of God.

For over 22 years, Deborah has played a pivotal role in team leadership within local churches, leaving a lasting impact in Roseville, California, and the United Kingdom. Her prophetic voice has been instrumental in the successful launch of Jesus Culture, Sacramento.

Beyond her ministry, Deborah, alongside her husband Daniel, has achieved remarkable success in their nationwide health coaching business. Through their expertise and guidance, they have positively influenced the lives of thousands of clients, enabling them to achieve their health goals and experience profound personal transformations. Their commitment to mentorship has impacted hundreds of aspiring coaches, equipping them with the necessary tools and knowledge to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others.

While Deborah has achieved significant milestones in her life, her most important role is being a mother to her three amazing children: Gabriella (16), William (15), and Wesley (12).

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