Daniel Giles
Co-Director & Instructor

Daniel is Co-Director of JCSL and serves on the Jesus Culture Board of Directors along with his wife Deborah.

Drawing from their own journey and expertise, Daniel and Deborah are professional coaches, inspiring individuals to unlock their full potential and live fulfilling lives. They share a passion for the prophetic and actively seek opportunities to activate and empower others in this area. Daniel’s life journey is marked by a deep commitment to personal growth, nurturing the well-being of others, and embracing spiritual giftings.

With a diverse background spanning ministry and corporate sectors, Daniel brings a unique blend of church ministry and marketplace expertise to his role.

He began his journey as a youth and children’s pastor in the UK, where he developed a profound understanding of the importance of empowering young minds and guiding them towards a purposeful life in Christ.

Transitioning into the marketplace, his exceptional leadership skills and managerial acumen led to upper management roles for corporations such as Starbucks, Apple Inc., and several luxury automotive dealerships, overseeing teams of dedicated professionals while driving sales and performance to new heights.

More recently, Daniel joined Deborah in establishing a nationwide health and wellness business, providing guidance and coaching to numerous clients and health coaches, empowering them to achieve optimal well-being and business success.

During Daniel’s cherished downtime, he finds joy in various activities. You can often find him dedicating time to his physical well-being at the gym, exploring different corners of the world through travel, art projects, hiking, and spending time with his family. Daniel and Deborah celebrated 18 years of marriage this year. He is a proud father to three wonderful children— Gabriella (16), William (15), and Wesley (12) —who bring immense joy and fulfillment to his life.

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