Program Content

We don’t just want to give you good information, we want to partner with you to see transformation.

We have designed every aspect of your school experience to transform your life and leadership.
Main Sessions

In two, two-hour sessions a week via Zoom*, you will be inspired, challenged, and equipped. Our instructors and guest speakers will impart concepts, tools, and insights in their specialist area.

All our speakers have inspired or contributed to the leaders at Jesus Culture and have seen exceptional fruit in their area of expertise.

During each live main session, there will be a Q&A so that you can get further insight. You can also bring your own scenarios for input from our coaches or inspirational leaders in ministry and business.

We also host breakout rooms so you can discuss the content and your reflections, connecting with other leaders from around the world.

* You will also have 5 days to watch the main sessions On Demand if you are unable to attend live on Zoom.


Once a week, there is an optional half hour of worship before the first main session, providing an opportunity to encounter and hear from God together.


Once a week you will have an hour and half live session on Zoom with your selected track led by one of our JCSL track leaders. This includes exercises and activations as well as group discussions on the application of the content and tools you’re learning.

Reading List

Leaders are readers! They continually fuel their growth from outside sources. You will read specified books over the course of JCSL. The content will cover spiritual development, relational health, and effective leadership. The book list will be provided in your acceptance packet. You can read them in printed, ebook format or listen via audio books – whatever will work for you!


Pastoral coaching will be made available as needed, upon request. Either in a one-to-one or small group format via Zoom.

Personal Study

Information will only produce transformation when it’s internalized, applied, and activated. So, personal study assignments include reflection and application to enrich your learning and growth process.

  • Study time varies, but you should allow up to five hours a week in your own time for additional video/audio content, reflections, and assignments.
  • Personal study is scheduled to prepare you for live sessions coming up – and to follow up with supplementary content on previous sessions. Group discussions will often cover personal study content.
  • Your personal study submissions are a key place for us to get to know you more–to hear your heart, your journey and your values. This helps us come alongside you, encourage you, and understand where you want to grow and develop.
  • Our JCSL team reviews your personal study assignments, but they won’t be correcting grammar or giving letter grades. They will be looking for your learnings and how you are processing, learning, and growing.

Spiritual Maturity

The goal of spiritual maturity is that you would learn to live and lead like Jesus.

Christ-like leaders follow His example by building a lifestyle marked by a passionate pursuit of Him. They are confident in their identity, full of purpose, hungry to grow, developed in the gifts of the Spirit, and committed to the call of God on their life.

Although we may have a good level of spiritual maturity, this is an area that requires continual growth.

JCSL will grow your ability to:

  • Sustain spiritual growth and hunger
  • Hear and discern God’s voice and direction
  • Be rooted securely in your identity as a son or daughter of God
  • Walk in friendship and partnership with God as your source
  • Practice prayer and the Word
  • Have sound biblical beliefs and core values
  • Possess self-awareness and emotional health
  • Practice personal responsibility, ownership, stewardship (time and priority management)
  • Know and walk in God’s purpose for your life

Relational Health

The quality of your life and leadership is directly connected to your ability to build healthy relationships.

As a healthy leader you need to resolve conflict effectively, develop deep-rooted trust, and cultivate meaningful connection.

You need to be able to assess the strengths and needs in your life and in the lives of those around you.

Applying these practices will position you for impact far greater than you could achieve on your own.

JCSL will equip you to:

  • Understand and value other people; how they are wired differently, what they need, what motivates them, and what raises their anxiety
  • Address conflict in non-accusing ways to bring them to resolution
  • Receive and give feedback well
  • Create healthy boundaries
  • Live well in community; to live openly, to give and receive, embrace vulnerability, practice empathy, and serve one another
  • Uphold a culture of honor and show value for people even when there is difference or disagreement
  • Understand the keys to building trust
  • Be able to listen and communicate well

Leadership Effectiveness

The most effective leaders are the ones who know who they are and what they’re called to do – and are equipped to do it.

As you develop your leadership effectiveness, you will learn principles for growing your influence, empowering people, and creating culture. You will find yourself becoming a compelling communicator who is able to build teams and execute vision more clearly and decisively.

JCSL will develop the skills you need to transform intentions into results:

  • Building healthy and effective teams
  • Developing and empowering people (getting the right people doing the right things)
  • Communicating vision
  • Creating a healthy culture
  • Achieving results
  • Defining success
  • Leading from wherever you are in an organization (top, middle, or bottom)
  • Sustaining leadership through challenges and different seasons
  • Leading with biblical perspective and solutions to our current social climate
  • Navigating decision-making and problem-solving well

Want to find out more?

If you want to ask questions, find out more, or experience JCSL firsthand, register your interest and one of our team members will be in touch.