Marketplace Track

Whether you’re in business or the non-profit sector, your influence can bring significant kingdom impact to your environment. JCSL Marketplace Track will help you partner with God to integrate your faith and work, so you can live and lead in an effective, healthy and sustainable way.

Grow personally as JCSL equips you to:
  • Cultivate deeper intimacy and partnership with God
  • Live and lead from the inside out instead of pressure, performance, or insecurity
  • Understand how to maximize your strengths and move past what is limiting you
  • Refine your personal and vocational vision and values
  • Be more intentional with your faith at work
Lead effectively as JCSL gives you tools to:
  • Connect with, understand, and motivate others with different strengths and personalities
  • Communicate clearly and effectively
  • Get the right people doing the right things (including you!)
  • Resolve conflict without losing connection
  • Lead with honor in the midst of challenging differences
  • Define, create, and influence culture

Leading in the marketplace brings unique challenges as you participate in organizations and cultures that often are unhealthy and don’t operate with kingdom values or principles.

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Your talent, hard work, and drive has propelled you to greater levels of responsibility in your job and organization. However, challenging people, toxic cultures, and heavy workloads can affect your ability to achieve results and bring positive change.

You may also experience a level of imposter syndrome as you face new demands and expectations in your role. But this common phenomenon is not usually founded in truth. Learn to see yourself how God sees you and take the initiative to pursue your growth.

JCSL will help you clarify and align with your own vision, values, and God-given calling as a leader in business. You will grow in self-awareness and emotional health, which will enhance your ability to operate with healthy boundaries, communicate effectively, and empower those around you to succeed.

You will gain new insights on the fears and motivations that are fueling or hindering your team. You will learn how to approach conflict resolution and healthy feedback as an opportunity to strengthen a team – not just a problem to overcome.

Embark on this amazing journey of growth with God and other leaders from around the world.

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Non-profit & public sector

You have a God-given mandate to influence and make a difference. A strong sense of purpose and significance creates a high level of commitment to your role. All of this fuels your motivation for impact and can give you great joy in the fruit of your efforts.

But it’s not always easy to see your vision realized, or the cultural shifts you long for.

Non-profit endeavours and organizations are often under-resourced, leaving you feeling stretched or out of your depth. It may be challenging to find people and sources of funding that align with your mission that don’t come with other agendas or strings attached.

But where God calls, He provides. JCSL will equip you with spiritual and practical tools to build effective strategies for your God-given assignment. As well as a strong relational toolkit that will help you identify and mobilize the people around you.

Walk with God and our community of leaders, as you pursue your call in your sphere of influence.

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You have a passion to build, create, take risks, and succeed. You’re highly motivated with a strong sense of agency and drive. You want to overcome the challenges you face and see your vision realized.

Casting your vision and building the culture, teams, and structure to fulfill it, are skills that require continual mastery. Growing pains and seasons of volatility in your business can be a test of your patience and current abilities.

You need to learn how to increase your capacity and skill while also refining and staying in your sweet spot as a leader.

At JCSL, you will gain deeper clarity on your purpose, vision, and values. Discover new insights into your personal strengths and weaknesses. Grow in your ability to manage your time and your destiny, in what to do and what to delegate. How to take care of your production capacity so that you can run with a fire and not burn out.

You don’t have to take your journey of growth alone. Walk with our community of leaders and partner with God as you increase in every area.

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JCSL Stories

Our students constantly tell us that their experience at JCSL is life changing! Below are just a few stories about the impact of JCSL on their lives.
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