Season of Change

Is this the season that will set you in a new direction?

Are you experiencing a shift in your life, whether through a prompting of the Holy Spirit, an experience of grief or loss, a change in circumstances, career, or family?

JCSL is a great place to process a transition with intentionality and navigate your next steps so that you can move forward with wisdom and fresh momentum.

Whether you’re starting with a blank page, or have an idea of where God might be leading you, the JCSL program will equip you to gain clarity on your vision, values, and strengths. You will learn how to partner with God, and use leadership tools to build momentum – as you step toward your next assignment.

Spiritual connection and identity

Do you ever feel distant from God, or that He expects more of you than you have to give? Are you afraid that you might not have what it takes?

God wants us to live in truth and freedom––to know that He is with us, and that He has prepared and equipped us for all He calls us to be and to do. Learning to walk in truth and confidence, and deepen our connection with God are just a few of the ways JCSL will enable you to pursue the future He has for you.

Vision, values, and strengths

Do you ever wonder what God had in mind when He created you?
Each of us has a God-given mandate that we will discover and define throughout our lives. Living with a lack of vision, being waylaid by delays and disappointments, or spending too much time outside of our strengths or purpose can leave us depleted––or taken out of the game.

JCSL will help you identify, refine, and resolve these areas so that you can walk in greater joy and alignment with God’s design and purpose for your life.

Preparing for opportunity

Stewardship involves preparing for the future God has for us. Investing in our own growth and development is often the key to opening God’s doors in our life.

Many of our students have been promoted or been given new opportunities during or shortly after completing JCSL. This is no surprise to us. As Jesus taught in the parable of the talents, when we seek Him and are diligent in growing what we have, God gives us more.

What are you waiting for? Prepare for your tomorrow today with JCSL.

JCSL Stories

Our students constantly tell us that their experience at JCSL is life changing! Below are just a few stories about the impact of JCSL on their lives.
Lawrence & Leslie
Entrepreneur & Family
Career Transition

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