Ministry Track

In ministry, your kingdom impact is exponential as you both lead and raise up other leaders. JCSL Ministry Track will help accelerate health, effectiveness, and sustainability in your own leadership as well as the people and environments you’re building.

Grow personally as JCSL equips you to:
  • Cultivate deeper intimacy and partnership with God
  • Live and lead from the inside out instead of pressure, performance, or insecurity
  • Understand how to maximize your strengths and move past what is limiting you
  • Refine your personal and ministry vision and values
  • Gain biblical perspective on the current cultural climate
  • Fulfill your mission and serve well without burning out
Lead effectively as JCSL gives you tools to:
  • Connect with, understand, and motivate others with different strengths and personalities
  • Communicate clearly and effectively
  • Get the right people doing the right things (including you!)
  • Resolve conflict without losing connection
  • Lead with honor in the midst of challenging differences
  • Define, create, and influence culture
  • Cast vision and be easy to follow

Ministry leaders

You are passionate about your yes to God. You want to see Him move and impact many people through what you’re doing. But you may have also found yourself facing people or situations outside your current capacity or struggling to recruit or motivate your team to work together effectively.

In an environment which values encouragement and where people are giving their time voluntarily, it’s not always easy to bring the challenge that’s needed to see the outcomes you want. With a strong ‘can-do’ attitude and often little or no budget for training, it’s easy to find yourself bumping up against the limits of strengths and weaknesses – your own and those within your team.

JCSL will help you to clarify who you are and what to focus on as a leader, reveal where and how you need to grow, and equip you with the skills you need to lead and develop your team effectively – to see the impact you long for.

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Senior leaders

As a carrier of the vision and mission for your church or ministry, you burn to see God bringing tangible growth and the fruit of revival in your team and the people you serve.

However, the weight of responsibility––the expectation that it’s your job to bring initiative, answers, and solutions to those around you––can become heavy, frustrating, and exhausting.

While seminary may have taught you excellent theology and principles of spiritual leadership, it did not necessarily equip you with the practical tools and experience you need to lead people. Or to lead yourself so you can finish well and strong!

But you don’t have to settle for figuring it out as you go along. JCSL provides a positive environment where you can ask questions. You will receive insights and tools from other leaders to resolve the challenges you face. So you can build thriving teams and culture, lead with more joy and clarity – and see your vision realized.

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JCSL Stories

Our students constantly tell us that their experience at JCSL is life changing! Below are just a few stories about the impact of JCSL on their lives.
Senior Pastor
Spencer & Linnea
Worship Pastor & Flight Attendant
Corey Watson

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