Meet The Team

We are significantly shaped by the people we surround ourselves with. For any of us to grow into our full leadership potential, it takes input and investment from others with wisdom and experience. Banning Liebscher and Danny Silk will be the primary voices in your leadership training at JCSL.

We have gathered a world class team that will be investing in you every week, including staff and guest instructors from around the nation who will impart their strength and expertise.

Kate Bagley

JCSL Director
and Main Instructor

Rob Burhans

JCSL Pastor

Chloe Myburgh

JCSL Operations
and Admissions Manager

Michael Brodeur

Bible Instructor

Eric Knopf

Advisor and Instructor

Guest Speakers

Lyle Wells

Integrus Leadership

Lisa Bevere

Messenger International

David Perkins

Lead Pastor
Radiant Church

Dann Farrelly

Associate Pastor
Bethel Church Redding

Andy Byrd

Leadership Team

Phil Manginelli

Lead Pastor
Square Church

+ More