Leading in Life

Leadership doesn’t begin and end with your formal job or vocation. You are called to steward your influence in every domain of life, from your family to your community, city, and nation. All of this rests on the foundation of your own self-leadership.

Grow personally as JCSL equips you to:
  • Refine your personal vision and values
  • Cultivate deeper intimacy and partnership with God
  • Gain greater awareness of your emotions, motivations, strengths, and weaknesses
  • Identify goals and strategies for personal growth and thriving
  • Follow God and stay connected to what he is doing
Lead effectively as JCSL gives you tools to:
  • Build and protect healthy connections with others
  • Communicate clearly and effectively
  • Resolve conflict without losing connection
  • Lead with honor in the midst of challenging differences
  • Define, create, and influence culture
  • Pursue purpose and be more intentional


Leading others effectively begins with leading yourself well. The best of you rises to the surface as you live from your vision and values and take responsibility for every area of your life.

Yet often, busyness, social pressures, losses, and other stressors can distract, deplete, and disappoint you – and you can start to live reactively.

JCSL will give you tools to stay powerful and intentional during every challenge you face. It will equip you to build resilience and take ownership of who you are and the future you are building – so you can live fully alive as God intended.

Gain more clarity on your identity, vision and purpose. Because when you know who you are, what God has called you to – and are equipped to walk it out – you increase Kingdom impact to the people and environments around you.

Find joy in the journey as you pursue a new season of growth.

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No matter what kind of family you grew up in, you are called to lead in forming, cultivating, and protecting healthy family.

God designed the family to be a mirror of the love and connection that exists within the Trinity, and for this love, belonging, diversity, and mutual service to overflow into society and culture. Yet because of sin, the family is also the place where we experience our deepest wounds and develop insecurities that can only be restored through an intentional pursuit of healing, restoration, and healthy relational habits.

At JCSL, you will gain the tools to overcome relational dysfunction, cultivate healthy relationships, and create a culture of connection where the people around you can grow and flourish.

Whether you are a physical or spiritual parent, you will grow in your understanding that mothering and fathering are the highest form of leadership. Driven by a desire to see people reach higher and go further than you, JCSL will give you tools to build and develop the people in your world.

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We all participate in multiple communities, whether civic organizations, churches, schools, clubs, teams, neighborhoods, or friendship circles.

Whether we simply belong to a community or are in a leadership role, each of us carries influence that can profoundly impact others. Helping us to fulfill its true purpose to be a place of flourishing.

Whilst we are more connected than ever, we are seeing greater division and an epidemic of loneliness – even within the church.

Learning how to build healthy connections, walk with honor in the midst of great differences and create culture are just a few of the ways that JCSL will equip you to see Kingdom impact in your communities.

Gain the insight and tools you need to discern God’s purpose for where you are. So you can become more intentional and effective in stewarding the influence He has given you.

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