At Jesus Culture we believe that you are called to lead, to grow and to bear much fruit. As you invest in others and pursue your vision – we want to invest in you. Our program will catalyze a new level of leadership and impact in every area of your life. We focus on the key areas we believe will bring you the most value.

We are committed to creating an environment where you will experience:

Excellent teaching and interaction

Ongoing activation

Pastoral care

Powerful resources

Feedback and coaching

Connection and community

Challenge and encouragement

We are confident that everyone who fully engages in their leadership training at JCSL will grow in their ability to:

Clarify identity, purpose, and leadership calling

Relate to God from a place of intimacy, friendship, and partnership

Sustain spiritual growth and hunger

Manage personal responsibilities and time

Build teams and execute vision

Bring Biblical perspective and solutions to our current social climate

Hear and discern God's voice and direction

Communicate clearly and effectively

Cultivate meaningful connection

Navigate conflict to resolution